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Owl Gallery

Barking Owl

Barn Owl (Tylo alba)
This 14 to 21 inch long, 13 to 17.5 ounce brown and white owl has a heart shaped face. It hunts in open fields or parks. Its favorite food is small roddents, but it will eat any small mammal up to the size of a younf jackrabbit. Barn owls' most often heard call is a loud screaming shreeee uttered in flight. They nest in old buildings, attics, church steeples or belfries, and sometimes caves or holes in riverbanks. Their five to eleven eggs are incubated for thrity-two to thirty-four days. Chicks fly eight to ten weeks after hatching.

Barred Owl (Strix varia)
The Barred Owl lives in wet woodlands east of the Rockies from Canada south to Central America. This owl has gray-brown plumage with horizontal barring on the neck and vertical barring on the belly. Its back is brown, speckled with white. It has no ear tufts. The barred owl nests in tree cavaties or on branches, and hunts at night. Its call consists of two groups of four or five loud hoots.

Blakistonfish Owl

Boobook Owl

Boreal Owl

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)
The Burrowing Owl lives on prairies in long burrows dug by such animals as prairie dogs and badgers. It is a brown owl, and it hunts by night.

California Spotted Owls

Eagle Owl

Grass Owl

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